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Provide Emergency Power When the Utility Grid Fails

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battery-backup-systemIn a Battery Backup system, a bank of deep-cycle batteries at your home are kept fully charged at all times by your electric company.  In the event of a utility power failure (black out), a battery back-up system immediately switches to drawing electricity from the batteries; and keeping your critical energy needs met.

For example, in the event of a power outage, people still wish to have lights on, refrigerators cold, and water pumping to the home.  A Battery Back Up system can keep your most important appliances up and running, for as long as necessary depending on the size of your system.

  • Homes with solar are already benefiting from lower utility bills. Take the sound investment of PV to the next level by adding a dependable battery backup solution.
  • Homes without solar can get started with an affordable stand-alone battery backup system and begin enjoying energy independence today. A solar system can always be added at a later date with a simple retrofit.