MPOWER is Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program. The amount financed is amortized and the annual amount due is added to the property tax bill each year until paid in full. Water and energy cost savings may be enough for property owners to pay the additional amount on the property tax bill.

How PACE Works

PACE works much different than a typical loan or home equity line of credit because it is not set up directly through a bank or Financier. Local municipalities will partner with a company (i.e. Plan It Solar) for help to administer the program and will then pay for the program with municipal bonds.

Property owners will receive a site evaluation for the improvements that they are seeking and use that to apply with the city/program administrator. Once the system is approved, the PACE administrator will pay Plan It Solar for the project. There is no upfront cost to the property owner and the loan is paid off on the property tax bill over the next ten to twenty years. If the home is ever sold, the improvements are included in the property’s tax liability.

Advantages of PACE

There are a variety of benefits not only for consumers but also for the community.

For the recipients of PACE financing, the advantages are:

  • No upfront investment or reduced equity in your home – PACE does not show up as traditional debt because it is secured by a special tax assessment.
  • Immediate positive cash flow – In almost all cases, the monthly savings from energy are greater than the added property tax.
  • No credit check or credit score required – Because it is tied to your property tax bill, the government ensures that it receives the money for the investment.
  • Protection if you sell your home – Since PACE is tied to the property and the debt is paid through the property tax to the subsequent owners.
  • Secure financing – Because the program is backed by the city, consumers can feel secure that the program will be administered properly.


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