6 Panel – 24 Volt – 1530 Watt
Complete Solar PV System


What’s in the box?:

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System Components Include: pre-Wired – pre-Tested – ePanel

  • 3900 watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • 150 VDC Charge Controller

6 – 255 watt Solar Panels

  • (includes output cables)

8 – Deep Cycle Batteries (20,160 Watt-Hr)

  • (includes interconnect cables)

Ground / Roof Mounting

  • (pole mount additional $$)

Manufacturer Warranty on all system components

Installation and Technical Support is Available upon request

This medium sized solar electric system will provide ample power for most basic needs such as lighting, appliances, electronics, refrigeration & water pumping.dc-lighting fans-ventilation refrigerators-freezers solar-water-pumping1440W-roof-mount-web 
*An e-Panel is a quick and easy way to install most inverters. It is pre-tested and guaranteed; pre-wired with over-current protection, monitoring and disconnects required to install and use your renewable energy system.Our package systems include all the system parts and components needed for a complete and professional installation. Anything that must be purchased separately is explained in detail.

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