Wire Size Chart

Choosing the Proper Wire Size is Important


Use the chart above to determine the proper wire size for your project.

Wire Sizing Facts

copper-wireSolar Panels are usually run in strings using a #10 AWG stranded wire.

If there are multiple strings, then often the wire size will increase in the combiner box to a #8 AWG or #6 AWG.

Wire size from the charge controller to the batteries depends on the Amps (current) that will be flowing.

Using proper wire sizing is critical to a successful Renewable Energy installation.  Too small of a wire can create excessive voltage drop (efficiency loss) on your system.  

 It is also dangerous because excess heat can build up in your system causing a safety hazard and fire risk.

Battery Bank Wiring

How to Wire Batteries to the Correct Voltage


battery-diagram-12v-2-24v battery-diagram-6v-4-24v battery-diagram-6v-8-24v

battery-diagram-12v-4-48v battery-diagram-6v-8-48v

Solar String Sizing

How Many Solar PV Panels to Use in Each Series String

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