Well it’s getting close to ending another year of building prewired power panels, A prewired power panel is the quick and easy way to install an inverter with all the appropriate protection providing you with peace of mind that your system has been configured and tested. Casey of Sierra Solar Systems had a great year building Outback and Magnums prewired on Midnite Solar E panels, as these are some of the best inverter charger you can get, as well as load centers. We love building prewired power panels, so you do not have to spend the 5 or more hours wiring it all together and hope it all works, We do it for you and we pretest it by, setting charging input on controller and inverter for your battery type,  set the low battery cut out as to not kill your new batteries, use Surge Protector Devices for Generator input, solar PV input and inverter output for protection, with large discount inverter breakerfor more protection. If you are thinking of going off grid please call use to start building your system today :)

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